Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter. Ha.

I would just like to quickly take this oportunity to express my opinions on this pointless holiday.[I won't even get into Jesus] A giant bunny rabbit, ....yeah, a bunny rabbit.... Has just come into your house and shit chocolate all over the place, for you to go and find, and eat.
Yay. Now let's all stuff ousrselves with some ham.
(thats what you're supposed to have on easter, right?)

I would also like to add that as a child, I was afraid of the Easter Bunny. Yes, afraid. This whole concept of a giant rabbit sneaking into your house at night to give you presents and loads of sugar filled candy, for no real reason, just didn't settle well with me. Even as a child I could see that the concept was not only scary, but quite ridiculous.

But all negativities aside; Happy Easter everyone!!

(My Easter Lunch.)

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