Thursday, April 16, 2009

Running mind.

This blog is going to be dangerous for me. The flood gate is wide open. My mind has been running a mile a minute since I started writing on here. In fact, almost all I've been doing anymore is reading, writing, and going to the gym. -What healthy addictions for me to take up- :)
After work today I went to my cleaning "job." I put job in quotations because it doesn't (it says doesn't is spelled wrong? Is that not a word anymore?) really feel like a job, I love doing it. It's always fun to clean. It's such a rewarding chore, when you can actually see the progress you've made. Plus I love who I clean for. She's so much fun! But I digress... usually after I clean for a few hours we sit down and watch some episodes of "Weeds," which is a great show that she is helping me get caught up on. (I'm four seasons behind -- well close to only three). But she was too tired to watch that tonight, which was fine with me cause now I had that extra hour to spend at the gym. I went to the gym out on Van Winkle this time, they have a cardio cinema there. They were playing "Superstar." (score!) I was the ONLY one in the room who was laughing!! I couldn't believe it! --well I also couldn't believe how many people were at the gym at 10:00 at night!--
Molly Shannon is hilarious! and Will Ferrill! Don't get me started!
"you're parents named you after bottled water..... why don't you go drink a bottle of yourself!"
But guess what I did tonight?!?! I TACKLED MY FEAR OF THE TREADMILL!!! I always just use the eliptical machines because a looong time ago I decided that I hate to run. But I figured, hey, I used to hate mustard and now I like it, so maybe this has changed too. Guess what?! I was right! I ran for a whole hour!!! I was so proud of myself. Guess what else I did?!? I took off my shirt so I was just running in my sports bra!! (granted it was very dark in there... and also extremely hot!) If you know me, you know how self conscience I am of my mid-section. So that was one more feat tackled. Two points for team Crystal! Woo!

On my way home I was jamming out to some tunes, singing out loud, bobbing my head, hand motions...the whole nine yards; and while at a stop light I looked over and noticed the two people in the car next to me watching me and laughing. I just smiled, waved, and went on with my car dance. Things like that don't bother me. I just don't get embarrassed very easily. (I want to say I never get embarrassed, but I'm sure that's not true... I'll bet if I messed myself in public I would get VERY embarrassed!)

*Sigh* It's late, I supposed I should attempt to get some sleep. I need to stop going to the gym so late, it always makes me hyper. However, I refuse to not go at all. I WILL reach my goals!

On a final note I want to add that I've been dreaming of Luke Perry a lot. (and on a silly ironic note he was 'on' the Family Guy episode that was just on. ha) What do you think that's all about? He's a hottie. He always plays a Vampire in my dreams. Probably because he was in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" movie (I loved that movie as a child!) and of course because of my book. Speaking of which, man... Edward just keeps getting better! He continues to bring tears to my eyes with his precious precious words. What a sweet sweet sweet gentleman!!
(<< It's funny how many picture like this you can find. ha)

Men, this character has given you a LOT to live up to! Another suggestion to the men out there is to read the Twilight books even if you hate them (but I bet you won't) and study the things Edward says/does for/to Bella. If you apply that in your relationships, your woman will swoon like you've never seen before! :P

Well signing off now. Guess I'll read till the sleepy eyes take over.
Goodnight Never Never Land!

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