Friday, April 10, 2009

Ode to Edward

I know I don't need to even write this blog. I know that is has already been written by many many other females out there. But none-the-less, I just want to put my two-cents in as well.
I am going to construct my thoughts in a letter.

Dear Stephanie Meyer;
May I start by saying that your Twilight Saga series are phenominally exciting to read. I appreciate that you made the books an easy read, as it makes it easier for people like me who tend to have a hard time staying focused when reading. I find myself unable to get the story out of my head. I am generally in a constant state of my own daydreams, but now-a-days my thoughts are consistently finding there way back to your books. More specifically, Edward.

I am thoroughly impressed on how beautifully you have constructed this character. Naturally, part of me is a little angry that you would make up such a PERFECT man and then dedicate four books to detail just how PERFECT he is. Everything he says is PERFECT. The times when he says these things, also PERFECT. Even when he's angry, I totally agree with the fact that he is angry, and I love how 'he' expresses his anger so calmly and so sensitively. I bet the hardest part for you was to construct a character who would actually be able to have a dispute with this perfect man. (cause Lord knows I would be constant putty in his hands.)

My complaint (just the same as every other females'), is that now I will be comparing every man I date to Edward. Where on Earth am I going to find a man that will love me so deeply and so purely, and who says all the right things at all the right times, and can take my mood --whatever it may be-- and make me feel better than I ever have EVER?!?! Where will I find a man who leaves notes on my pillow before he goes away that say:
"I'll be back so soon you won't have time to miss me.
Look after my heart -- I've left it with you."
Where I ask? you!?!
[--Whew-- Sorry about that, calm down Crystal....]

Perfect is the only word I can find to describe him. Everything about him is just perfect; and I'm not even talking about the totally awesome extra features that he possesses, what with being a Vampire and all. (how convenient to have a boyfriend who can appear and disappear whenever he feels like it. AND who can protect you from anything. AND who can run at the speed of light, AND who speed up the pace of your heart just by touching you. AND>...........................)
Basically my point is that you have now ruined me from ever dating a "normal" guy again.
No one will compare.
(OORRR I'll get REALLY REALLY lucky and find someone exactly like him!!!
Of course that's what I'm really wishing for.)

To close, I just want to thank you for writing such fun books, and for allowing me, and every other girl out there, to pretend they are Bella and they are dating the most wonderful guy on the entire planet.

In Love with Edward

"There's a Never Land waiting for you,
Where all your happy dreams come true.
Yes, every dream that you dream will come true."

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