Friday, April 24, 2009

It's officially unofficial!!!

Well kiddies......It's happened!
I just got the unofficial, "you've got the job,"
from Glacier National Park.
[It will be official 0nce they send me the contract and I sign it, and all that jazz.]

I couldn't be more excited!!! I am ECSTATIC!!!

Of course I am also suddenly feeling extremely over-whelmed as I only have five'ish weeks to get out of my apartment and get everything taken care of. But it will be oh-so worth it!!!

Here's some pictures of what my summer backyard will look like:
(Eat your heart out!!!)

So, if you wanna see me one last time before I take off,

then get to it!!!



Questions From A Curious Mind said...

Oh there will be fun my dear. Not happy that you get to go to Montana and I don't but I think I'll forgive you. Thats only because I just saw Susan Boyle and I plan on shifting my frustration and anger onto her.

Kcscrystal said...

but doesn't she look so good now with the dyed hair and the removal of the forty extra pounds of eyebrow hair!??! ;) How could you be mad at that angelic voice?